PNR Status

Everything is digitized now. Old Traditional ways neither are nor replaced by computerized methods. Hence it has become very important to move along with the pace of the world. The Internet has become the most crucial part of our lives. From elections to medical prescriptions, everything is performed via computers. Even the huge railway system is now governed by huge inbuilt railway software where unique numbers are generated automatically and hence have great precision and uniqueness.

All processes involved in railways like booking a ticket, checking train timings or PNR status enquiry, checking ticket confirmation, cancellation of ticket, etc. are now online. IRCTC website is completely handling the task successfully. Now you don’t have to stand in long queues to book your train tickets. At the comfort of home or office, you just need to open IRCTC website, choose the date of travel and stations to go from and to. All available trains would be shown. You can hence make booking accordingly. Normally booking is still easy. The real problem arises when you need to check PNR status. This is the moment where PNR status comes into the role.

What is PNR status?

Every ticket booking is allocated a special and unique ID automatically by railway software which is known as PNR status. For any kind of tracking of your booking, PNR status can be used. For example: If you have booked a ticket with a waiting list status, you may just go on IRCTC and type in the PNR status of your ticket. The real-time tracking will be performed and soon you will get PNR status with the number of WL besides the number. Even the Ticket Checker or Conductor checks your ticket on board via PNR number.

Where can see the PNR number on the online or offline ticket?

The PNR number is normally provided through an SMS service on registered mobile or via Email if you book a ticket online. Also, you may now download IRCTC mobile app where you may get PNR status and other such queries can be solved via PNR number. If you book a ticket through station window, you will get a printed ticket with the unique PNR number marked at the top left of it. It’s a ten-digit number like 214-1215305. You may even call on the railway enquiry toll-free number and enter the PNR no, then you shall hear an audio machine confirming your railway PNR status in real time.


PNR number on the online or offline ticket

PNR number on offline ticket

PNR number on the online or offline ticket

PNR number on online ticket

What are the different ways to check PNR status?

Following are the four ways for PNR status enquiry:

1. PNR status by telephone:

Indian Railways department has offered special telephone number where you can inquire everything about trains and bookings. It is very easy to get PNR status on call.

2. PNR status by Railways Official Website

Direct link to the check PNR status page:

3. PNR status by other online websites:

Besides IRCTC website, you may even make PNR status enquiry via Rediff website or Cleartrip website.

4. Check PNR status via SMS:

If you have made the booking successfully then you can also get the online PNR status of your Indian Railway Ticket by sending SMS in the following format.

“PNR <10 digit PNR number>” to 57886 or 5888 or 5676747

In addition to above-given numbers, you can even send the SMS to 139 number which is the new passenger information system initiated by the Indian Railways Department.

In fact, anyone can send SMS to 139 for obtaining any important information related to railways like fare, accommodation, check PNR Status, etc. This instant SMS service costs only at a premium of Rs 3 per SMS.