IRCTC Magic Autofill Tatkal Ticket Booking Tool

Since the railways arrived as a medium of transport, the life of normal people just changed. Now, the travel becomes much more comfortable with all quick journey, speedy travel, and safety. Not only has this but, as the train travel is most affordable of all transport, it has become the lifeline of middle-class families. Therefore, if you term these as one of the essential commodities, it will not be wrong at all. But do you know that with increasing demand to travel, increasing population, and lack in the demand supply chain, the trains are unable to get seats with. However, as the necessity of train is very damn important, there are some services like magic autofill which have overcome the issue of tatkal train booking.

But as you would be totally new to the concept of IRCTC magic autofill, let us first start by understanding the concept behind it.

What is magic fill all about?

If you have gone through the pain of booking for Tatkal and still getting the waiting list, you must be familiar with the hard work you have been through. But the pain is no more here to suck your life off. There is a relief called magic autofill that has struck the cord. This is a method in which there is the feasibility of automating the IRCTC train ticket booking.

As per the magic name, the Tatkal magic autofill is actually a magic tool to relieve the hassle of last minute filling the details and booking the tatkal. But as you know that the tatkal booking starts at 10 am in morning, there is less probability of filling the details properly. Therefore, this web service has brought this new avatar of pre-filling the details so that there is no last minute hassle.

Once the ticket windows are opened in morning, this webs service initiates the magic autofill booking and your ticket is booked. You are no needed to leave all your morning chores to just book the tatkal ticket.

The USPs of magic autofill

  1. The system books the tatkal without fail
  2. IRCTC magic autofill does not allow IRCTC to log out of your account
  3. You can anytime fill in the details and leave it for the booking
  4. It initiates the ticket booking without any hassle
  5. It will discard the initial hassle and pain of filling in details

How this whole system performs?

1.  To start the system, you are required to fill in the details required for ticket booking through magic autofill.

2. Must check all the details twice and thrice so that no detail is filled incorrect.

3. While you will click the confirmation button, you will get the magic autofill button at the side.

4. You will have to click the magic autofill button and drag them to bookmark button.

5. Now, the details are filled and you are set to go.

6. When you have to book the Tatkal train, click on the Tatkal magic autofill.

Is the system beneficial useful for you?

This web system is a great way of preventing the hassle of filling up the detail haphazardly and still getting the bad response. With this system, the things will be easy and quick. In fact, you will not have to hassle yourself in the last and ticket will be booked just like that.

Therefore, get yourself acquainted with this magic system and get started. However, just be sure that you must log in the whole system before 10 am to start the booking.

This is a good time that IRCTC has taken the step to bring automation in the ticket booking. The passengers waiting for urgent booking will be relieved a lot.

IRCTC Autofill tool